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With a dedication to offering the highest standard of oral and maxillofacial care, we have a particular interest in advanced dental technology. As with the cutting-edge treatment techniques we use at our practices in Manchester and West Hartford, CT, we also incorporate state-of-the-art technology whenever possible. Showing our commitment, we proudly serve our patients as the only practice in Connecticut to offer Yomi® robotic-assisted dental surgery. Using imaging technology and modern surgical planning software, we can see more and thus, treat and anticipate more as well. Dentistry is always expanding, growing and developing new advancements; it’s up to each clinician to acquire and begin implementing them. Linked to the success of our treatment, using advanced dental technology in combination with specialized techniques allows us to take our care to the next level and offer our patients reliable, precise and predictable results. 

Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology

  • Increases accuracy of diagnoses with deeper insight
  • Enhances the precision of planning and surgical execution
  • Minimally invasive for decreased recovery time
  • Streamlines treatment, minimizing appointment time
  • Minimizes discomfort by limiting the invasiveness of care

Our Advanced Surgical Technology

A safe alternative to opioids, EXPAREL offers lasting pain relief for the first few days after surgery. Instead of affecting the whole body, this advanced dental technology works directly on the surgical site. Specially designed, it is only administered once by our team and is slowly released into your body for long-lasting relief you don’t have to keep track of.

Applying dental laser technology, our oral surgeons offer minimally invasive treatment with less bleeding and discomfort and faster recovery times than traditional alternatives. Our team is particularly experienced in offering minimally invasive laser biopsies in the case of oral pathology, laser gum disease treatment and peri-implantitis services to save dental implants from gum infection.

Conveniently capturing clear and precise pictures of oral structures in high-definition, three-dimensional representations, this advanced dental technology in both our Manchester and West Hartford, CT locations also offers a decreased level of radiation to our patients. Our oral surgeons use these images to plan more accurate and effective treatment with predictable outcomes.

This advanced dental technology is a dynamic navigation software system that combines the details of each patients’ oral structures and three-dimensional images to create a virtual, 360-degree view. Our oral surgeons use this information to craft a custom surgical guide for guided dental implant surgery, anticipating the exact position, angle and depth of each dental implant placement. This advanced planning has shown to offer more accurate results that are able to anticipate previously unforeseen complications.

Transforming dentistry, Yomi® technology uses implant planning software and robotic technology to offer unprecedented precision and control when placing dental implants. Each dental implant surgery is planned prior to treatment. This surgical guide is then processed by Yomi, a robotic system that provides haptic guidance during treatment. Yomi ensures our oral surgeons execute the surgical guide with precision meeting the exact depth and angle ideal for lasting results.

Using ultrasonic vibrations, our oral surgeons are able to precisely cut bone without unnecessarily harming surrounding tissue. This minimally invasive approach overcomes the limitations of traditional techniques and further improves our bone grafting and dental implant services.

Using your own blood, our skilled specialists can decrease the healing time and enhance the healing process after surgery. Creating and using a concentrated solution of the growth factors from your blood, the quality and quantity of bone and tissue growth increases while the time until healthy results are final is dramatically reduced.

Similar to PRGF, this advanced dental technology allows us to create a special protein that encourages bone to rebuild. This protein promotes proper bone growth and healing and minimizes recovery time. BMP is particularly helpful in bone grafting procedures and before receiving dental implants.

Choose oral surgeons with the advanced dental technology that supports their expertise.

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