IV Sedation: Relieving Patients Of Their Fear Of The Dentist

IV Sedation: Relieving Your Dental Fears
Although, there is a significant amount of people who have a huge fear of the dentist it is important to understand that if this fear stops them from seeking dental treatment it could be damaging to their oral health. Also, because your oral health is directly connected to your overall health avoiding the dentist due to a fear could be damaging to your overall health as well. Thanks to advancements in sedation dentistry such as IV sedation is now easier to relive patients of their fear of the dentist. Also, some of the top reasons why people have a fear of the dentist is because they have a fear of dental pain or because they have a fear of embarrassment. To learn more about these two types of fear please read about them both below:

Fear Of Dental Pain
Oftentimes when a person has a fear of dental pain it is because of a previous negative experience they have had with a dentist. This experience has thus shaped their entire perspective on what they think a trip to the dentist office will be like and what kind of pain they will feel. However, most treatments are not very painful if they are painful at all. Also, one bad experience shouldn’t count for what all dental experiences will be. It’s important to seek out dental care until you find a dentist that feels right to you.

If it has been a long time since a person has made a trip to the dentist, then oftentimes they are very embarrassed. This is largely due to the smell or look of their teeth and they feel uncomfortable about a dentist examining their mouth. However, it is a dentist’s job to examine a patient’s teeth without any kind of judgement. Your dentist is concerned about your oral health and they want to determine what kind of treatment if needed would be best to help make sure you’re maintaining your oral health.

Let Us Help Your Dental Health
If you have been avoiding the dentist and you have a fear of the dentist don’t let that stop, you from actively maintain your oral health. Reach out to our office to schedule a consultation with our doctor.

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