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Robotic-Assisted Dentistry in CT

Rosenlicht and Ansari JawFixers has enhanced the way implant dentistry is done by incorporating robotic-assisted equipment for procedures. Dr. Ryaz Ansari was recently acknowledged in Connecticut Magazine for his advancement in oral surgery by being one of the first oral surgeons in the state of Connecticut to use a new high-tech robotic device, the Yomi. Robotic assistance has become a standard of care in medicine, so implementation of the Yomi will be the first system of robotic guidance for dental surgery in the United States.

Advantages of Robotic Assisted Surgery

Because oral surgery is a very precise procedure, the Yomi helps reduce the risk associated with free-hand surgery, and provides a less invasive process that can reduce the recovery time for patients. When using Yomi technology, surgeons have the advantage to:

  • Plan surgery ahead of time
  • Know the exact implant placement
  • Know where all the anatomical structures are located
  • Avoid nerves and sinuses during surgery

Patient Benefits

Along with this new technology being less invasive for the patient, the surgery itself can be completed in shorter amount of time. Prior to the Yomi, a patient would have to come in for a dental impression and then make an appointment for the actual surgery. But now, a 3D image of a patient’s jaw allows a surgeon to plan and perform surgery on the same day. Utilizing the robotics system, patients receive the best experience during surgery with precise accuracy and minimal invasiveness that is superior to anything that can be done free-handed.

Is Robotic Surgery Right for You?

Yomi patients experience a new level of care with the benefits of robotic assistance. It provides your surgeon with important information about your teeth and jaw that allows them to personalize treatment for your specific needs. The system robotically guides your dentist’s hand and provides information that they can feel, hear and see to achieve precise results.

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Featured in Connecticut Magazine

Dr. Ansari was mentioned in the August 2020 issue of Connecticut Magazine for being the first oral surgeon in the state to implement the “Yomi”, a programmable robotic device used to assist surgeons like Ansari during dental implant surgery. Robot-assisted surgery is one of the biggest technological advancements for dentistry, and the Yomi is the first FDA-approved dental robotic tool. Dr. Ansari was one of 10 oral surgeons nationwide selected to test it, and he has been working with it for about two years. Scan the QR code or click here.


Featured in The Oral Health Group Dental Journal


Dr. Ansari wrote an article that was featured on Oral Health Group about Robotically-Guided Dental Implant Placement. His writing details the success he’s had using Yomi, the first FDA-approved dental robotic tool for implant surgery. Ansari describes how dentistry has evolved through technological advancements such as the Yomi, and has provided surgeons with better accuracy and precision to complete oral surgery compared to traditional methods. 

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