Missing Teeth

The Risks of Failing to Treat Missing Teeth

There are numerous ways for an individual to lose teeth. If you’ve shed a tooth or two, you should seek out a dentist like Dr. Ryaz Ansari, right away. Delaying treatment to restore or to correct a missing tooth can result in more dental complications later in life. Located below is a list of risks that you should be aware of when leaving a missing tooth unattended.

  1. Reduced Jawbone Health

A tooth’s root stimulates a person’s jawbone. The stimulation the roots provide is essential to the jawbone’s wellbeing. If that area of the jaw is not filled within a certain amount of time (sometimes less than a year), your body will start to resorb that part of the bone. This causes your face to appear sunk-in and alters your appearance making you look a lot older than what you really are.

  1. Severe Speech Issues

Depending on which tooth is lost, you might have difficulty pronouncing certain sounds. For instance, if the missing tooth was located in the front of your mouth, then you might develop a lisp. Spitting, whistling, and slurring your words any time you talk are all side effects you’ll also experience if you don’t replace missing teeth.

  1. Changing Teeth

Your surrounding molars begin to shift to compensate for the space caused by a missing tooth. This results in you having irregularities with your jaw alignment. The misalignment will cause you to have an overbite or underbite. These misalignments make chewing certain foods uncomfortable, sometimes people forego eating certain foods altogether just because it is too painful to eat.

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