West Hartford, CT Oral Surgeons Make Strides to End the Opioid Epidemic with EXPAREL® Pain Relief

Summary: West Hartford, CT oral surgeons Drs. Joel Rosenlicht and Ryaz Ansari, offer EXPAREL® in an effort to reduce opioid use in their area. EXPAREL is an advanced, opioid-free pain management treatment that avoids complications associated with opioid-based alternatives.

West Hartford, CTDrs. Joel Rosenlicht and Ryaz Ansari, West Hartford, CT oral surgeons, help reduce the use of narcotics by offering surgical patients an opioid-free pain relief alternative. The advanced product, EXPAREL®, helps patients avoid complications commonly associated with opioid-based pain management systems, including long-term dependency.

EXPAREL, a local analgesic, works as a delayed-release pain medication. When injected into the surgical site, EXPAREL interrupts the body’s natural pain signals for several days post-surgery. This allows the patient to experience high levels of comfort without necessitating intake of any or many opioids. According to clinical research, EXPAREL results in 78 percent less opioid intake consumption by patients who undergo surgeries. EXPAREL is the only approved single-dose, opioid-free analgesic product of its kind available today.

Other non-opioid pain relief solutions available at JawFixers include IV sedation and nitrous oxide. Their oral surgeons are trained and authorized to administer the appropriate levels of each type of pain management system to fit the patient’s unique needs and treatment. 

In addition to offering patients leading-edge pain relief, Drs. Rosenlicht and Ansari routinely leverage other types of advanced technologies and solutions to complement their numerous services. Whether performing wisdom teeth extractions or placing dental implants, the team consistently opts to use the most progressive treatments, tools and protocols available to maximize patient comfort, convenience and long-term results.

Patients who need services such as bone grafting, jaw surgery, tooth extractions or implant placement and want to avoid the use of opioid-based pain relief are welcome to contact the oral and maxillofacial surgeons at JawFixers. Drs. Rosenlicht and Ansari practice out of two Connecticut-based locations, West Hartford and Manchester. They can be reached at 860-232-4606 or 860-649-2272, respectively, to set up in-office consultations with or without a referral.

About the Oral Surgeons

The board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons at Jawfixers are skilled specialists offering leading-edge and minimally invasive care at their two practice locations in Manchester, CT and West Hartford, CT. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Joel Rosenlicht is an esteemed author and lecturer and has developed techniques to further his field. Dr. Ryaz Ansari brings a passion for technology and oral surgery with extensive experience in TMJ disorder, implant therapy and dentoalveolar surgery. Using advanced imaging, Yomi® robotic-assisted technology and EXPAREL® for opioid-free pain management, this team strives to provide the best care and experience possible for their patients. To learn more about this practice, Drs. Rosenlicht and Ansari or their services, visit or call 860-649-2272 for their Manchester, CT office or 860-232-4606 for their West Hartford, CT practice.

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