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Early Detection Offers the Best Prognosis for Your Smile

The Importance of Regular Oral Pathology Screenings

When detected early, oral cancer is very treatable. As such, any changes that occur in your mouth or on your face and neck warrant prompt evaluation by an oral pathology expert. Our experienced oral surgeons at JawFixers are highly trained to diagnose oral pathology. We are well-versed in guiding patients through the treatment of abnormal, precancerous and cancerous lesions in the head and neck areas. Certain factors may increase your risk of oral cancer. These include tobacco use, alcohol use, genetics, prolonged UV exposure, chronic denture irritation, HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and lichen planus, among others. It is very important to your oral and overall health to visit your general dentist for regular oral pathology and dental screenings, and to conduct self-screenings in between your routine visits. Any lumps, bumps, abnormalities, or signs and symptoms of oral pathology should be evaluated as soon as possible.

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Pathology

  • Red or white patches
  • Areas of discoloration
  • Raised or thickened tissue
  • Persistent bleeding or itching
  • Sores that do not heal
  • Nodules or lumps
  • Chronic sore throat or hoarseness
  • Trouble with chewing or swallowing

Perform a Monthly Self Oral Pathology Exam

  • Conduct a self exam in a well-lit area, with a mirror
  • Pull your tongue forward and check sides of the tongue, underneath and the top surface
  • Retract your cheeks and lips to screen for abnormalities
  • Check back of mouth and throat area, and the roof of the mouth
  • Palpate neck and under chin for lumps or nodules
  • Scan skin on face and neck for discoloration or abnormal lesions
  • Report any suspicious areas or potential oral pathology to your dentist or our team

Minimally Invasive Laser Biopsies from Specialists

Committed to the highest standard of care, our oral surgeons utilize precision laser techniques for performing biopsies of potential oral pathology in Manchester and West Hartford, CT. Our Deka dental laser allows our surgeons to gently remove suspicious lesions with extreme precision, and minimal discomfort. With a dental laser, we can often avoid the need for incisions, sutures and lengthy recovery time.

Choose oral surgeons with the advanced dental technology that supports their expertise.

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