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We know any surgical procedure, whether complex or routine, can cause dental anxiety. That’s why we offer customized sedation dentistry to help you relax physically and mentally. Oral sedation and nitrous oxide, for mild to moderate relaxation, and IV sedation, for deeper relaxation, are all available at our two facilities in Manchester and West Hartford, CT. Most procedures can be provided in our advanced surgical suites, however, for your added ease we also have hospital privileges allowing us the local facilities for general anesthesia when necessary. After treatment, we frequently recommend EXPAREL®, an opioid-free pain management system to improve your healing experience. As board-certified oral surgeons with over 50 years of combined experience, our team is highly trained to administer each sedation option including IV sedation. However, we take your care one step further at JawFixers and have a board-certified anesthesiologist manage your IV sedation, allowing us to truly focus on providing you the exceptional surgical care you need.

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"Creating A Pain Free Experience With Sedation Dentistry"

What to Expect before IV Sedation


IV sedation may be used for numerous oral surgery procedures. This complicated treatment should be administered carefully which is why our anesthesiologist monitors your care throughout, solely dedicated to administering your sedation. Before your IV sedation treatment, make sure to:

  • Bring someone to drive you home
  • Avoid eating and drinking for six hours prior
  • Wear loose clothing and remove jewelry

IV sedation, or intravenous sedation, is administered through a vein, usually in your hand or arm. A variety of medications including sedatives, pain reducers and anti-inflammatories will be used in precise combinations. Frequently requested by those with mild to severe dental anxiety, IV sedation is highly relaxing and frees you from pain and discomfort throughout your treatment. During surgery, you will be able to respond to vocal cues from our team when necessary, however, after you are fully awake, you will likely have some amnesia and be able to forget the treatment.

Opioid-Free Pain Management After Your Surgery

Offering pain-free treatment without a pill, we use opioid-free pain management treatment called EXPAREL. Although sedation dentistry such as nitrous oxide and IV sedation are used during your treatment, this option allows your post-surgical recovery process to pass with ease. Instead of keeping track of a strict pain regimen with prescription pain relief, this delayed release pain medication allows us to offer comfortable care without subjecting you or your children to opioids. Great for young children and teenagers as well as adults, EXPAREL is frequently used after wisdom teeth extractions and administered by our team before you leave our office.

Relax knowing you chose qualified care from a board-certified anesthesiologist and oral surgeons.

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