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In some cases, wisdom teeth, or third molars, may be able to join existing teeth and become a permanent part of your mouth. Other times, you may experience pain and your oral health may suffer due to common, but treatable, complications. We know that erupting at an angle, only emerging partially and damaging surrounding teeth can lead to severe pain, infection and eventually the need for wisdom teeth extractions. That’s why we do everything possible to offer highly trained and technologically advanced techniques to diagnose and treat these issues quickly and comfortably. Our oral surgeons not only have over 50 years of combined experience offering numerous oral surgical procedures but have extracted thousands of wisdom teeth in and around Manchester and West Hartford, CT. We also offer sedation options like nitrous oxide, IV sedation and opioid-free pain management for your comfort. A routine and highly common procedure at our practice, we still take pride in making wisdom teeth extractions personalized to your needs and specific situation.

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Preparing for Your Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth typically emerge between 16 and 25 years of age. Although it’s best to remove them in your teen and early adult years, wisdom teeth may not cause pain until later in life. Many patients don’t experience symptoms, even if they have impacted teeth. When wisdom teeth are impacted, they are blocked and are unable to fully erupt. We use our i-CAT® Cone Beam CT imaging technology to capture three-dimensional and detailed images of your teeth and their surrounding oral structures to grasp a thorough understanding of your current state before recommending your custom care. If impacted wisdom teeth extractions are advised, we will carefully remove them while you are comfortably sedated and provide detailed instructions for how to encourage healing.

Trusted Expertise, Opioid-Free Pain Management

Diplomates of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, our oral surgeons are many patients’ and fellow clinicians’ first choice when in need of wisdom teeth extractions. Our facilities in Manchester and West Hartford, CT offers fully-equipped surgical suites for your comfort and our cutting-edge techniques. Depending on your case, we offer both IV sedation from a board-certified anesthesiologist as well as opioid-free pain management in the form of EXPAREL®. Recommended for adults as well as younger children, EXPAREL offers long-lasting pain relief, allowing comfort for days following surgery. Administered once by our team, there’s no need to worry about a pain regimen allowing you to focus on healing your wisdom teeth extractions treatment site, instead.

Common Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

  • Advanced Periodontal Disease
  • Impacted Wisdom Tooth
  • Severe Facial Trauma or Damaged Teeth
  • Retained Baby Teeth
  • Extensive Bone Loss
  • Preparation for Dental Implants

Our Patient's Experience

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"My Wisdom Teeth Removal Was Comfortable & My Experience Was Great"

patient testimonial
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"Wisdom Tooth Extraction Eliminated Her Jaw Pain"

Simple to complex, we have you covered. Trust our expertise for your wisdom teeth extractions!