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Advanced Technology that Elevates our Expertise

Dental implant surgery, whether for a single implant or a full arch teeth replacement, is a complex procedure requiring consideration of numerous factors. Receiving care from a skilled surgical team on the forefront of innovation ensures your treatment is accurate and long-lasting, avoiding possible complications during and after treatment, such as failing dental implants. When placed properly, dental implants can last a lifetime offering the same support and reliability as a natural tooth. As board-certified oral surgeons we are highly trained and experienced in surgically placing dental implants as well as considering your whole-body health. With a mission to offer compassionate and custom care by applying the latest technology, we use i-CAT® Cone Beam CT imaging technology, X-Guide™ from X-Nav technologies and Yomi® precision robotics to offer confident guided implant surgery. At JawFixers we strive to always offer modern treatment strategies that protect your dental implants investment and ensure you see the healthy, lasting results you need.

Guided Implant Surgery

We capture three-dimensional images using our i-CAT CBCT imaging technology illuminating the details of your tooth orientation, bone structure & volume and the position of your nerves. Using this precise data and the latest implant planning software, Yomi and X-Guide, we examine a 360-degree view of the oral structures before creating a ‘map’ for your surgery. Other guided implant surgery technology only offers static guides; meaning once created, there is no flexibility or room for modification. Our guides can easily be modified whenever necessary during surgery.

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Yomi Robotic-Assisted Dental Implant Surgery

Contributing an unprecedented level of precision and control, Yomi robotic-assisted technology is transforming dental implant surgery. We are the first and only practice in the state of Connecticut to offer Yomi robotic systems at this time. This technology creates a digital surgical guide and ensures our surgeons follow it precisely. Our oral surgeons always have complete control of each surgical instrument, however, using haptic guidance, Yomi is able to offer feedback on each slight shift, angle and position before an implant is placed. This advanced technology provides physical, visual and audio feedback throughout your surgery and assists our team in providing the most cutting-edge and reliable guided implant surgery possible.

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"Yomi® Overview Robot Assisted Dental Surgery"

Advantages of Our Guided Implant Surgery. Traditional dental implant treatment may consider a detailed scan of your oral structures but hinge on free-hand techniques. Instead of only relying on the experience of the clinician, our team takes their care to the next level in order to offer confident treatment with the added benefits of robotic guided implant surgery:

  • Calculated dental implants placement
  • 3D high-definition imaging
  • Increased accuracy
  • Decreased room for error
  • Predictable results
  • Shorter recovery times
  • Long-term, reliable tooth replacement

Confident and Comfortable Care

Skilled in complex oral and maxillofacial surgery, placing dental implants is routine at our practice. Fusing their dental implant expertise with modern technology only takes patient’s results to the next level. If necessary, tooth extractions and complex bone grafting are also available in one of our state-of-the-art surgical suites before your guided implant surgery. Placing nearly 1,000 dental implants a year, our oral surgeons offer both single dental implants and full arch solutions using this guided implant surgery strategy. Although guided implant surgery offers more predictable treatment that decreases your recovery time, we also use sedation dentistry treatment at our Manchester and West Hartford, CT practices including IV sedation administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist for your comfort.

Our Patient's Experience

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"My Dental Implants Changed My Life & I Can Maintain A Normal Lifestyle"

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