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For many, loose, ill-fitting dentures has been the only solution to their extensive tooth loss. Struggling through limitations while eating and speaking or the changes in appearance caused by tooth and bone loss, many search for a solution that can do it all. Long-term, lifelike and comfortable full arch teeth replacement options are possible using full arch dental implants. At JawFixers, our oral surgeons combine over 50 years of specialized experience in dental implant placement and as medical doctors to offer excellence in full arch teeth replacement solutions that consider more than just your appearance. We offer a full collection of full arch teeth replacement options including Nobel Biocare® for All-on-4®, Straumann for Pro Arch and Keystone Dental’s full arch solutions, among others. A practice with a mission to offer high-quality care using the latest technology, we use 3D imaging and implant planning software to provide the precise treatment patients need to see a life-changing smile transformation last a lifetime.

Why Choose Full Arch Teeth Replacements?

The preferred choice for extensive tooth loss, our full arch teeth replacements are a reliably stable and long-term solution to extensive tooth loss. Full arch dental implants offer incomparable benefits over other options:

  • Permanent option to multiple missing teeth
  • Convenient solution in just one day
  • Ability to eat the foods you love
  • Restored speaking abilities
  • No embarrassing slipping, shifting or clicking
  • Complete new and custom smile
  • Improved bone health
  • Renewed self-confidence and quality of life
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“Smile Confidently And Maintain A Normal Lifestyle With Full Arch Dental Implants”

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"My Full Arch Dental Implants Were Worth Everything To Me & My Confidence Is Back"

Our Full Arch Teeth Replacement Process

Before receiving any treatment, our oral surgeons make it a priority to have a one-on-one conversation to discuss your unique oral health goals and thoroughly explain the next steps in their recommended treatment process. Using i-CAT® 3D Cone Beam CT imaging technology, we can truly capture the current state of your oral structures including your bone volume and nerve positioning, allowing for accurate diagnoses of a full arch teeth replacement solution. If tooth extractions or bone grafting is required, our team is ready to offer this treatment in the same office. Using X-Guide™ by X-Nav Technologies dental implants planning software and Yomi® robotic technology implant planning, our oral surgeons offer guided implant surgery, exactly planning the placement of each dental implant before treatment even begins.

Full Arch Teeth Replacement Surgery

Before surgery, you will be comfortably IV sedated and likely will sleep through your appointment. Our oral surgeons then measure the exact angle and depth of each implant placement and will then precisely place between two to eight dental implants into the jaw bone. When you awake, a custom prosthetic will be attached to the dental implants, the very same day. This new full arch teeth replacement solution is designed to not only restore complete function but match your facial features to create a seamless smile.

Our Surgical Expertise, Your Lasting Results

Our doctors place nearly 1,000 dental implants a year, they are accomplished in diagnosing the best full arch teeth replacement treatment as well as offering the high-quality techniques that create long-lasting results. With a commitment to using modern dental technologythey are able to examine the most minute details of a patient’s oral structures to gain a deeper understanding and anticipate challenges that may arise in surgery. Those with existing medical conditions including osteoporosis, severe bone loss or diabetes should see an oral surgeon who will consider their whole-body health and modify treatment to ensure their full arch teeth replacement solution is setup to last for years to come.

Our Patient's Experience

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"My Full Arch Dental Implants Were Worth Everything To Me & My Confidence Is Back"

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"My Dental Implants Changed My Life & I Can Maintain A Normal Lifestyle"

Receive the smile transformation of a lifetime. Find your full arch teeth replacement option here!

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