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Tooth Pain May Be Serious. Tooth Extractions Don’t Have to Be.

As advocates of your oral health, we always try to save your teeth first. When that is no longer an option due to extensive tooth decay, infection or trauma, we may discover that a tooth extraction is the only way to save your oral health and relieve tooth pain. With over 50 years of specialized experience, our board-certified oral surgeons routinely provide tooth extractions in Manchester and West Hartford, CT and see the remarkable effect they have in preserving a patient’s oral health. Using advanced technology we’re able to see, in high definition and 3D images, the placement of your tooth, tooth root and nerves in order to anticipate possible issues that may arise before treatment begins. Focused on patient-comfort, we also use custom and calming sedation dentistry, if needed, to help you relax.

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Rebuild Support and Oral Health with Bone Grafting

Immediately after a tooth is extracted, you may benefit from bone grafting in the form of socket preservation. Our oral surgeons have the expertise to conveniently rebuild the empty socket left behind after a tooth extraction to preserve the area so that a dental implant may be placed in the future, if you are not ready for one immediately. Bone grafting material is precisely placed, preserving bone volume and ensuring proper healing. Minimizing sensitivity and dry socket after your tooth extraction, socket preservation is frequently advised but especially useful before receiving a tooth replacement.

Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction:

  • Advanced Periodontal Disease
  • Impacted Wisdom Tooth
  • Severe Facial Trauma or Damaged Teeth
  • Retained Baby Teeth
  • Extensive Bone Loss
  • Preparation for Dental Implants

The Next Step: Dental Implants

Before you can truly restore your oral health, we recommend replacing your extracted tooth with a natural-appearing and permanent dental implant. As the long-term solution to tooth loss preferred by oral surgeons and patients alike, dental implants restore oral health and function and create a seamless, aesthetically appealing smile. Experts in implant dentistry, our oral surgeons can often extract a tooth and place an implant in the same appointment. Before your tooth extraction, consider receiving care from a team of specialists who can offer more than just the initial treatment, but guide your next steps to complete oral health.

Our Patient's Experience

tooth extraction patient testimonial
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"My Jaw Pain Is Gone After My Comfortable Wisdom Teeth Removal"

patient testimonial
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"My Wisdom Teeth Removal Was Comfortable & My Experience Was Great"

Relieve your tooth pain with specialized and trusted tooth extractions.