An All-On-4® Treatment May Be The Solution To Your Missing Teeth

The possibility of your teeth falling out rises as people age. As such, multiple missing teeth are relatively common in many older people.  In fact, age does not always have to be a factor – many people are missing most or all of a full arch of teeth. If this describes you, you may be able to find prosthodontic solutions with a visit to your periodontist. Dr. Ryaz Ansari of Jawfixers may be able to offer treatment solutions such as All-On-4® dental implants in Manchester or West Hartford, CT.

Missing Teeth Leads to Other Problems

Missing one or two teeth does not seem like a major deal to some people but the problem can escalate over time. Your teeth help to protect your jawbone helping your mouth to retain its shape. Even if a single permanent tooth falls out, your jawbone will start to deteriorate. The more decayed it becomes, the more likely your other teeth will also shift or fall out. 

Dental Implants Offer Benefits Similar to Real Teeth

Implants mainly consist of a titanium tube, surgically placed within the jawbone by our periodontists. This functions as an assist in stimulating the bone and in preventing degradation. It also provides a stable anchor for the natural-looking crown that sits atop the post. Basically, an implant can function much like your natural teeth, and you take care of it the same way too. 

All-On-4® Is Great for Multiple Missing Teeth

An All-On-4® treatment provides the possibility of restoring a full arch of teeth with only four implant posts. The posts secure the prosthodontic arch in place, offering a long-lasting solution for missing teeth. The arch will always look normal and allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without thinking about function.

Discover More Today

If you have multiple missing teeth, now is a great time to explore the All-on-4® option for restoring them. Contact Jawfixers today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Ryaz Ansari.

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