Robot-Assisted Full Arch Implant Treatment

Dentistry has reached another milestone with the recent FDA clearance for The Yomi. The Yomi is a robot-assisted dental surgery system used to assist oral surgeons in both the planning and surgical phases of dental implantation. The FDA clearance allows for a new Yomi edentulous splint, which will enable the Yomi system to go beyond placing implants to full arch implant cases.

It’s estimated that over 36 million Americans are missing all of their teeth. With the new Yomi splint, doctors will be able to utilize the robotic technology to help restore the smiles of millions of people.

Full Arch Teeth Replacement

At JawFixers, our oral surgeons combine over 50 years of specialized experience in dental implant placement and full arch teeth replacement for patients who have struggled with extensive tooth loss. With a mission to offer high-quality care using the latest technology, which will now include Yomi’s full-arch approach to robotic-assisted surgery, our doctors can use 3D imaging and implant planning software to provide precise treatment to patients for life-changing results.

Benefits of Guided Implant Surgery

The advancement of Yomi’s full-arch application is a dramatic shift for dental implant surgery. With the use of guided implant surgery, doctors can reduce the surgery time, improve surgical efficiency and accuracy, as well as complete a less-invasive procedure. This can reduce the time patients are in a procedure, and also allows for a faster recovery. The implementation of robot-assisted surgery has become the gold standard for oral care, it’s happening right here at JawFixers.

Yomi at JawFixers

The Yomi is one of the various advanced surgical technologies we provide at JawFixers. We are dedicated to offering the highest standard of oral and maxillofacial care, which includes incorporating state-of-the-art technology whenever possible.

To show this commitment, our practice is the first in Connecticut to offer Yomi robotic-assisted dental surgery. With the FDA clearance, our doctors can now perform full-arch guided implant surgery. Using this advanced technology in combination with specialized techniques, it allows us to take our care to the next level and offer our patients reliable, precise and predictable results.

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