The Yomi: Enhancing Implant Dentistry

Dr. Ryaz Ansari has reached a milestone in implant dentistry by being the first oral surgeon in the state of Connecticut to use a new high-tech device, the Yomi. It is the first FDA-approved dental robotic tool, with programmable features that allows Dr. Ansari to perform oral surgery with greater speed and precision compared to traditional methods.

The Yomi vs. Traditional Freehand Methods

Prior to the Yomi, Ansari would take a dental impression and wait to receive a surgical guide for the procedure. But now, he’s able to look at the dental scan that shows a 3D image of the patient’s jaw, allowing him to plan and perform surgery on the same day. Once Dr. Ansari and his surgical assistant were able to determine the angle, depth and positioning of the dental implant, the 3D image is displayed on the computer screen, and Yomi steps in. “The robot’s going to replicate exactly what I’m telling it to do,” Dr. Ansari says. “It’s going to tell me that I’m going according to this plan. Sometimes you open up the surgical site and you’re like, ‘I want to change it a little bit.’ Robotic guidance allows you to change on the fly as well, whereas with a static guide that we get printed, we can’t change that. It doesn’t allow us that flexibility during surgery.”

Robot-Assisted Surgery

The device is designed to resemble a human arm, with a drill in place of a finger, which guides the human arm. The Yomi will occasionally ping, signaling the plan is being followed, and if the arm is a hair off from the registered plan, Dr. Ansari can feel resistance and an auditory alarm that lets him know if he’s off path.

The dental industry has come far in terms of technological advances aside from robot-assisted surgery. Digital scanning, 3D printers, and laser technology allows dentists to diagnose, treat and perform restorative and cosmetic procedures with enhanced precision like never before.

Less-Invasive Procedure

With the use of the Yomi, the surgery is minimally invasive. If incision to the gum is needed, it is smaller, allowing for a less-invasive, less-painful, and all-around faster recovery time. With the ongoing circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, the device allows for further distance between the patient and doctor, faster procedure time than the traditional, and patients don’t have to come in as frequently.

Yomi at JawFixers

The Yomi is one of the various advanced surgical technologies we provide at JawFixers. We are dedicated to offering the highest standard of oral and maxillofacial care, which includes incorporating state-of-the-art-technology whenever possible.

To show this commitment, our practice is the only in Connecticut to offer Yomi robotic-assisted dental surgery. Using this advanced dental technology in combination with specialized techniques, allows us to take our care to the next level and offer our patients reliable, precise and predictable results.

Click here to read the full article on Dr. Ansari in Connecticut Magazine or feel free to scan the QR Code.

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